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Welcome to the website for Grapple Force Rena, a cheerful and colorful action platform game! Join Rena, a young girl with mysterious magical armbands that give her the power to grapple anything with a magical grapple beam, as she stands in the face of the meanest of bad guys in order to become a real hero!

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Latest News (1/31/2015)

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the long silence, but things have been brewing behind the scenes for a while now, and it’s finally far enough along to make an announcement!

Long story short, there’s been a change of plans – the “serial web game” idea was kind of a bust for Grapple Force Rena, so the game’s going to switch to a more traditional development model. Worry not – the game is still going to be finished! It just won’t be a serialized browser game anymore. More details on the change can be found here.

The game up to Course 2-5 is still going to remain up for play in your browser – thanks for sticking with me through this experiment!