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How to Play

How to Play published on

Press Left and Right to make Rena walk left or right!

Press Jump, and Rena will jump!

Rena can even jump off walls if she’s not holding anything!

Press the Grab/Throw button to fire a grapple beam! With Mouse & Keyboard controls, you’ll fire in the direction of your cursor! With Gamepad or Keyboard Only controls, you’ll fire in the direction you’re holding! With Touch controls, you’ll fire in the direction you touched!

If you shoot solid ground and hold the Grab/Throw button, Rena will grab it and begin to swing! (You don’t have to hold it down with Touch controls.)

While swinging, press Left and Right to control your swing! Press Up to shorten your grapple beam, or Down to lengthen it!

If you’re up against a wall, press Up and Down to walk Rena up and down the wall!

At the top of your rope, you can press Up again to jump if you’re walking on a wall!

Let go of the Grab/Throw button while you’re swinging to fly through the air! (Or press the Jump button on Touch controls.) Keep chaining swings together to build momentum and go really fast!

Shoot an enemy or object with your grapple beam, and you’ll pick it up! (Not all enemies and objects can be grabbed, though!)

While you’re holding an enemy or object, you can throw it! On Mouse & Keyboard or Touch controls, click or touch away from Rena to throw the object in that direction! On Gamepad or Keyboard Only controls, press Grab/Throw while holding a direction!

You can also harmlessly drop an enemy or object. On Mouse & Keyboard or Touch controls, click or touch Rena while you’re holding an enemy or object. On Gamepad or Keyboard Only controls, press Grab/Throw without holding a direction.

Enemies and obstacles can cause harm to Rena, so look out! If Rena takes damage, she’ll lose a gem from her health bar!

If Rena runs out of health, it’s Game Over! You’ll have to start the course over again!

Rena can get health back by collecting the gems floating around each course! Four gems will give her one point of health back!

You can read signs and talk to bystanders! On Mouse & Keyboard or Touch controls, click or touch a bystander while standing near them to talk to them! On Gamepad or Keyboard Only controls, stand near a bystander and face them – when you see a speech bubble icon, press the Grab/Throw button to talk!

Every course has a different goal! Achieve this goal to complete the course!

When you’re done with a course, click the “Next” button on the bottom of the website! You can always pick up the game from where you left off – no game saving required!


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Welcome to the website for Grapple Force Rena, a cheerful and colorful action platform game! Join Rena, a young girl with mysterious magical armbands that give her the power to grapple anything with a magical grapple beam, as she stands in the face of the meanest of bad guys in order to become a real hero!

Start from the beginning!

Latest News (1/31/2015)

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the long silence, but things have been brewing behind the scenes for a while now, and it’s finally far enough along to make an announcement!

Long story short, there’s been a change of plans – the “serial web game” idea was kind of a bust for Grapple Force Rena, so the game’s going to switch to a more traditional development model. Worry not – the game is still going to be finished! It just won’t be a serialized browser game anymore. More details on the change can be found here.

The game up to Course 2-5 is still going to remain up for play in your browser – thanks for sticking with me through this experiment!