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Q: What is this? What even is this?
Grapple Force Rena is an action platform game you can play in your browser! It was originally released as an experiment in serialized game development, but has since switched over to a more traditional development model.

Q: Is the game finished?
A: No. The game is still in development!

Q: Can I skip a course, going to the next one without completing it?
A: Yes. 
You don’t need to complete a course before starting the next one; however, completing every course and playing them in order is highly recommended! Many courses have story segments that play when you complete them, so if you skip courses or play them out of order, you might miss out on parts of the game’s story.

Q: How do I control the game?
A: Use of the keyboard and mouse is recommended, but the game also supports keyboard-only controls. You can also use a gamepad on supported browsers (such as Chrome), or even touch screen controls if you’re on a touch device! Full instructions on control methods can be found in Controls.

Q: Can I play the game on my phone or tablet?
A: Yes, kind of! The browser version of the game runs on mobile browsers and supports touch screen controls, but may not run optimally. However, native mobile app versions of Grapple Force Rena for Android and iOS may be forthcoming.

Q: This game runs like garbage on my computer!
A: This isn’t really a question! Grapple Force Rena is supported by most modern web browsers, but runs best in Google Chrome; the game should run just fine on most modern computer systems, but if you have a slower computer and the browser version of the game runs poorly even in Chrome, the downloadable version of the game (available to Grapple Force Club subscribers) runs much smoother on slower hardware than the browser version. The game may behave erratically when running at slow speeds (less than 30 frames per second), so please try to use the best combination of hardware and software that you can!